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More than just a job portal: That's WorkerHero!

Welcome to WorkerHero! If you are looking for a new job as a driver, warehouse worker, electronics technician, service worker and much more, you are in the right place.

As a career and job portal, WorkerHero is revolutionizing the job market and the job search: Because here, companies apply to you! We offer you more than just a simple job board that only has a lot of job ads: You will also find offers for further education, transparent salary information and much more. This is how we help you find the job that suits you best. So register now, get access to thousands of potential employers from a wide range of industries, and benefit from lightning-fast application processes. And don't forget: WorkerHero is and remains absolutely free for you!


Receive job offers for jobs in many cities & industries - also near you!

At WorkerHero, many well-known companies are looking for new, motivated employees throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland - certainly also in your area. The companies are active in different industries, so that there is a large selection of jobs from different fields of activity at WorkerHero. In addition, different job types are available. You can learn more about this in the following sections.

Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Vienna, Zurich and Co.: Jobs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

All over Germany, many companies are urgently looking for new, dedicated employees. There are job offers in metropolises like Berlin, Munich, Cologne or Hamburg, but you can also find vacancies in smaller cities like Jena, Flensburg or Schweinfurt. You are not from Germany? At WorkerHero you can also find vacancies in Switzerland and Austria, for example in Bern or Salzburg. Find your job vacancy just around the corner! Whether you are looking for jobs in Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Vienna, register directly with WorkerHero and discover vacancies in your region and surroundings.

The variety of jobs: drivers, packers, couriers, caregivers and and and

WorkerHero has jobs from various industries. Many of the vacancies are in the area of blue collar jobs, but you can also find jobs from other segments at WorkerHero. On offer are various driver jobs, vacancies in the catering, care, production, trade and retail and logistics industries. Whether as a production worker, delivery driver, packer, assembly helper, kitchen helper, cashier, service worker, forklift driver, care worker or cleaner: Your new job is certainly only a few clicks away.

Minijob, 520-Euro, part-time or full-time: Find the right job type

Looking for a mini-job or want to work part-time on a 520-euro basis? WorkerHero! You want to earn some extra money on top of your Bafög, maybe from home, but the job has to work parallel to your studies? WorkerHero! Or do you want to really get started and are therefore looking for a full-time job? Even then: WorkerHero! At WorkerHero you will not only find many vacancies, but you can also choose between different job types.

Vacancies for (almost) everyone: jobs from 18, with or without training, for career changers, seniors, and much more.

You have not completed vocational training? Nevertheless, WorkerHero is the right place for you: You can apply for many jobs at WorkerHero even without a professional qualification. So start immediately with your applicant profile and earn your own money. You have finished your education? We have vacancies for you too! At WorkerHero there are jobs for people over 18 as well as jobs for over-60s and seniors who want to supplement their pension. Whether old or young, whether with education, work experience or as a career changer: We really welcome everyone!

Search? Find! Your advantages when searching for a job with WorkerHero

The job search with Workerhero offers you several advantages: No more tedious job searches and endless typing of applications, just let the right companies find you! Or contact the companies yourself: for this, there is the cool 1-click application. But you'll find out more about this in the next section "How to apply: How to find your new job online". Also practical: Just let the virtual job agent search for suitable jobs for you.

Another advantage: At WorkerHero there is transparency! We open the black box for you in terms of salary information, number of hours, etc.. So you always know what salary you can expect and how the other conditions are structured.
And while we are on the subject of money: WorkerHero is and remains free of charge for applicants!

Procedure: How to find your new job online

Using WorkerHero is very easy: just create a meaningful profile and companies can contact you. Need help creating your profile? Our support team is here to help you. If you don't want to wait for messages from the companies, simply contact them yourself and apply for vacancies. For this purpose, the practical 1-click application is available to you as soon as you have created your profile. With a simple click, the company knows that you are interested in the job. Great - or is it? The annoying typing of countless applications for every single job is finally a thing of the past thanks to WorkerHero!
Your three steps to a job in a nutshell: 1) create a profile, 2) receive offers or apply yourself and then 3) choose the right job - done!

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